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I did an ESPN interview without my pants on

Written By: Terry Foster | October 9, 2013

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Something strange happened Tuesday morning.

I did my ESPN 30-for-30 interview on the Pistons Bad Boys without my pants on. I did not say I did the interview with no pants on. I simply was not wearing my pants.

Here is what happened. The taping was done at the Grand Army of the Republic building on Grand River and Cass. It is the building that looks like a castle and it has been closed for many years. Local businessmen are renovating it and plan on installing offices, a restaurant and there is a grand ball room in there. It is a relic inside but it has great potential.

I cannot wait to see it when it opens.

NBA Entertainment is filming many of the 30-for-30 series because it has old brick that makes for a dramatic back ground.  I wore a nice blazer and dark T-shirt which the producers were happy with but I also wore a pair of True Religion jeans with thick white stitching. The problem is the stitching on the front looked like neon space stitching from the space age.

It was also shaped like an arrow that pointed into my crotch.

“I think this might be too sexually suggestive,” one of the producers said. “Do you have another pair of jeans in your truck?”

I told him I did not. He then asked me what was my waist size. I told him 36.

“Who has jeans that he can fit in,” he asked his production crew.

A larger fellow said he wore a size 40. Those would be my jeans.

We exchanged pants for the 2 hour and 15 minute interview. I had to walk around holding my pants up and it took them two minutes to brush out all the baggy areas so the jeans looked like my size on camera. He did his job with jeans that barely covered his ass. But it all worked out and I talked about the Bad Boys Pistons for a documentary to be released in spring.

(Join me Thursday night at Foster’s Smokehouse on 14 Mile Road and Utica in Fraser for Game 5 of the Tigers-Oakland A’s series. It should be a fun night. First pitch is 8 p.m.)

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