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Suh plays nice and mean at the same time

Written By: Terry Foster | September 30, 2013

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh played one of his best games during the Lions 40-32 victory over the Chicago Bears.

He played mean but he played nice. He was a dominate player without the cheap stuff. He played the game he knows how without personal fouls or penalties. Suh made the news because he was great, not because he was a thug on the field. It just shows it is possible to be aggressive and play within the rules.

That is the Suh Lion fans should expect. That is the Suh that I respect.

** Forgive me for not getting all giddy over the Lions 3-1 start. Let’s hang on and let this play out. Do you remember the 6-2 start when Matt Millen was general manager? How did that turn out? The thing about the Lions is you cannot make assumptions of any turn around until they actually do it. This is a team that needs to prove itself year in and year out because it does not have any major accomplishments.

Remember this. You have to be of drinking age to remember the Lions last playoff win.

** The Tigers were swept by the Miami Marlins and no-hit on Sunday. Do you know what that means for the upcoming playoff series that begins Friday against Oakland? Nothing. There is no carry over. There is no loss of momentum. The Tigers needed rest and they needed to get healthy, Hopefully they got both. Miguel Cabrera got a few at bats, something he needed to keep sharp. Manager Jim Leyland treated these games like spring training.

The team celebrated a division title and then took the week end off. It is now time to get refocused and get ready for Friday.


One Response to “Suh plays nice and mean at the same time”

  1. Jim Says:

    I was in the sixth grade when the Lions beat the Cowboys in the playoffs. Couldn’t watch the whole game because I was in Korea and had to leave for school that morning.

    Every year after for the next four or five years I thought that would be their Super Bowl winning season.

    It still saddens me the best quarterback the Lions had prior to Stafford was Erik Kramer. The last guy to deliver a playoff victory sat on the bench the next two years after. Kramer wasn’t elite, but I’d bet he would have won us another playoff game and division championship.

    I hate that Scott Mitchell gets more mention than Kramer. He was awful. Even Dave Krieg was better than Mitchell, and probably the best after Kramer in the years BS (Before Stafford). When Kramer was the man, we let him go. When Krieg was the man, we let him go. When Gary Moeller had a winning record, we fired him.

    Goes to show, eh?

    I hate that Scott Mitchell gets more mention than Kramer; Mitchell was awful.


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