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Jim Schwartz is not an idiot, just a work in progress

Written By: Terry Foster | September 29, 2013

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Jim Schwartz last week was described as an idiot head coach by a Chicago writer. Although Schwartz has his flaws as a head coach I thought those words were harsh for a guy still learning on the job and who must overcome something that no man has yet to do.

He must overcome being the head coach of the Detroit Lions under Ford ownership. No man and no plan has been able to do that. Do you know that every head coach under William Clay Ford Sr. has a losing record?

OK. I take that back. Gary Moeller finished 4-3 as an interim coach and a bunch of guys in the dressing room thought he had a good game plan to make the team respectable under the Matt Millen era. So what happens? The guy gets fired and Millen hires Marty Mornhinweg.

No Lions head coach has been fired and gone on to get another head coaching job. Once you work here you are tarnished for life. The only guy I think could get a gig is Steve Mariucchi, but he is too happy working for the NFL Network where he gets to talk football and relax for seven figures.’

I do not know if Schwartz is a good coach. But there is potential there some where. He might need more time than most simply because he works for the Lions, a franchise that is far from the cradle of coaches.

My guess is he survives this season and we get to judge him again next season. My guess is he won’t be viewed an idiot in 2014.


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