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Repeat after me. Same old Lions

Written By: Terry Foster | September 16, 2013

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Same old Lions?

Everybody is saying it after Sunday’s 25-21 loss to Arizona, a game the Lions blew at the end as they almost always do.

Even former NFL coach Tony Dungy said it. He is a long-time Lions fan from Jackson who actually wanted to coach the team. But the Lions were not interested.

Same old Lions?

Well yes. The Lions played great defense most of the afternoon but you knew they would be doomed by a pass interference penalty as the Cardinals attempted to rally. It was not Terry Fair this time. It was Bill Bentley who lost Andre Roberts and instead of turning for the ball, he hammered him in the end zone.

That set up the game-winning score.

Here is one thing that won’t change and it is a little disturbing. I told you two weeks ago that the Lions would be an undisciplined team that made a lot of penalties and the issue might not be addressed. We got some confirmation of that following the game when people asked Willie Young what can be done to change that.

His answer was shocking.

“Nothing,” he told reporters. “You keep playing hard. You don’t do anything intentionally to hurt your team.”

And this from head coach Jim Schwartz.

“If you look at those penalties, the guys were out there trying (to make
plays),” Schwartz said. “If they were a bunch of unsportsmanlike calls or
after-the-whistle stuff or false starts, that’s one thing.

“But when you are talking about pass interference and holding, it’s generally
from a player having bad technique or being in a bad position. That certainly
was the case for Bentley.”

Go ahead and say it.

Same old Lions.

(Join me Thursday night at Foster’s Smokehouse around 8:30 pm for a Lions town hall meeting. We are located in Fraser on Utica Road and 14 Mile.)



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One Response to “Repeat after me. Same old Lions”

  1. Rob Says:

    Nailed it Terry. I’m going to try, and probably fail, to boycott the Lions until I see some sort of progress.

    Worth a shot right? I don’t like my Sundays ruined.


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