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Can someone explain these two things to me?

Written By: Terry Foster | September 13, 2013

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I still do not have a good explanation why the New York Giants Victor Cruz made a great catch and the Lions Calvin Johnson was awarded no catch last week. They both did the same thing.

They both caught a pass, tried to stretch for the end zone and the ball got loose when their hands hit the ground. They did the exact same thing. One day Johnson is going to catch a ball, run into the stands to celebrate with fans, and drop the ball while he leaps onto the wall.

Officials will scream. He did not complete the process.

** There is no doubt that Ndamukong Suh made a dumb play when he hit Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan at the knees. He was fined $100,000 although I believe it will be reduced during appeal. Here is what I do not understand.

Why wasn’t Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews fined at least $10,000 for his late and out of bounds hit of San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick? He called the shot before he made the shot and then clotheslined Kaepernick out of bounds like he was a rodeo cowboy.

Can someone please explain that one to me?

“I’m an awesome player,” Matthews told reporters. “I’m not a dirty player.”

** We have set the grand opening at Foster’s Smokehouse for Tuesday Sept. 24. Fraser city officials will join us in a ribbon cutting ceremony around 6:30 pm and I will hang around for a little Tigers baseball. We will run specials all day. I hope you can join us. More details are coming.

Go to Fostersbbq.com Twitter: Fosterbbq.

** I have to drive to East Lansing now. Mark Dantonio called and offered me a part-time job as backup Michigan State quarterback.

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