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Shut your mouth Miggy and give Calvin the TD

Written By: Terry Foster | September 10, 2013

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I didn’t like seeing Miguel Cabrera ejected in the first inning of the Tigers 5-1 loss to the Chicago White Sox Monday night by umpire Brian Gorman. It cheated the Tigers and it cheated the fans that came to see him play.

Miggy did not appear to be animated or disrespectful in his argument but he needs to keep his mouth shut when it comes to balls and strikes. He was ejected for arguing balls and strikes earlier in the season and obviously has not learned his lessons.

It is one of the rules of baseball. An umpire will run you if you question their strike zone. I do not buy Miggy’s explanation that he was simply trying to avoid a Chris Sales pitch that hit him. He went to far on the check swing and should have accepted things.

But I do believe Gorman went overboard in ejecting him.



**People have asked me why Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson was not awarded a touchdown for his catch and stretch and New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz’s catch and stretch was. I was told the two plays were different.

I am not buying it. In my world the Johnson play was a touchdown.

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