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Curiosity about Lions makes opening day exciting

Written By: Terry Foster | September 8, 2013

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I don’t know why I am so excited about the Lions season opener Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. Maybe it is based on my curiosity about this team.

Let me admit that I really do not know what they are as a team and the preseason did not answer questions for me. For example many people are down on quarterback Matthew Stafford. A few weeks ago he was a top 10 quarterback but that all changed during the preseason for fans.

I am not certain that is justified because he played most of the preseason without wide receiver Calvin Johnson who makes a huge difference in this offense. Let’s see what this offense looks like after 60 minutes with CJ rather than after two series without him.

I do not know if the offensive line can run block for Reggie Bush. Yes, he will catch a lot of passes out of the back field but the team must run the ball also.

I do not think the linebackers are very good. The secondary has a lot of bodies but can they play? And I do believe the defensive front will knock people around and make a difference. But what does all of this mean in the big picture?

You got me.

I am just excited to head to Ford Field to observe and learn. I even look forward to smelling the good cooking downtown. So let’s have fun and all learn about what this team is really about.

(If you cannot make it downtown Foster’s Smokehouse in Fraser is running a Lions special. Pulled pork or pulled chicken sandwiches, fries and a domestic brew for $5.95.)



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