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Dad this car has ghosts

Written By: Terry Foster | June 26, 2011

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Celine swears our rent a car is haunted or stolen

BALTIMORE — My daughter Celine screamed from the back of the car.

“Dad this car is haunted. I swear it is,” she said. “Or at the very least this is a stolen car.”

The disappearing car rental from Avis was one of the goofy happenings that got the family vacation to Baltimore, Washington D.C. and New York off to a slow start because airports sometimes can be a bear to navigate. It took my wife Abs a half hour to get through security at Metro Airport — and that was after she went through the security gates. And it took us an hour to finally get rolling in our rental car once we landed at Baltimore-Washington Airport simply because stuff happens.

Traveling with kids is tough enough. When you add airport hassles I understand why people simply say forget it and just drive to their destination.

The fun began when Homeland Security insisted that Abs take all of her lotions out of her bag and run it through the x-ray machines again. She was off kilter and felt rushed and somehow lost her license during the process. I don’t know how a license disappears but it did and then all of a sudden it appeared out of thin air.

The fun continued in Baltimore.  After renting our car the woman and driving to the exit, the woman there went over our paper work and said this car does not exists. What? We were in it. Something was wrong with the paper work so we turned back and got it readjusted.

Five minutes into the trip the back of the passenger seat began falling apart exposing wires and foam something in the back. Celine was laughing up a storm and saying the car was haunted. I told her that was ridiculous until my passenger door opened on the freeway. I swear I slammed the door shut.

“I told you this car is haunted,” she said.

Celine and I have a running bet that nothing more will happen to our car.

“I’m gonna win that bet,” she said.

I have a funny feeling she is right.

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