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Good riddance to Ariel Castro

Written By: Terry Foster | September 5, 2013

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My twitter feed was filled with hate when news broke that kidnapper Ariel Castro hung himself in jail after being on trial for kidnapping three young girls and ruining their lives.

Some questioned how authorities could allow him to have enough time to kill himself with a sheet. The responsible side of me should feel the same way. But I don’t.

I say good riddance. This will save tax payers money. Castro pleaded guilty to 937 counts. Murder and kidnapping were two of the major charges. He did this to take himself off death row. Then he kills himself rather than rot in jail for years.

Good riddance. These three women will never have to see his face again or hear how the sex was consensual.

Good riddance. We won’t have to hear this monster on a future documentary say that he is innocent and blame society for his problems.

Good riddance.

Yes, this is my angry side. And that will never leave. This guy was a coward and loser in life. We don’t have to worry about him again. I disagree with his attorney who said this is not a reason to celebrate.

Good riddance.

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