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Ten things about Detroit sports

Written By: Terry Foster | September 4, 2013

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Here are 10 things about Detroit sports that you cannot change my mind about.

1. Michigan and Notre Dame is more than a regional rivalry. There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears shed in this series. I simply know that I will miss the games and that it is must see television when the two schools play, no matter their record.

2. Michigan fans may not want to admit this, but Michigan State is their most important win of the season. You can lose to Ohio State the final regular season game of the year and still go to the Rose Bowl.

3. If I were the Tigers I’d do everything in my power to catch the Boston Red Sox for best record in the American League. I never believed home field advantage was great in baseball, but I guess the numbers prove me wrong.

4. The best coach in Detroit is Red Wings coach Mike Babcock and even he gets bitch slapped by fans.

5. Tom Izzo must win another national championship. John Beilein must win a national championship. But I really doubt both will happen.

6. I am just as baffled about Justin Verlander as you are.

7.  I would applaud Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio if he shocked us and named freshman Damien Terry starting quarterback this weekend.

8. The highlight of my weekend will be Sunday at Ford Field when the Lions open the season against the Minnesota Vikings. I love Lions drama.

9. Phil Coke on the mound makes me nervous, even if it is just one batter.

10. I would love a Tigers-Red Sox series in the playoffs. It means ESPN would actually pay attention to Detroit.

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One Response to “Ten things about Detroit sports”

  1. Rob Field Says:

    1} N.D/MSU and OSU are ALL great rivairies for Michigan and frankly the only 3 games that matter. In my opinion OSU and N.D are Nationally recognized and watched and anticipated by the entire country. MSU is an in State rivalry that is HUGE but more to Michiganders than Nation wide.

    2} See #1

    3} Home Field advantage is Huge…specially for the Tigers who are much better at Home than on the Road.

    4} Agree

    5} Beilein will win a Championship in the next 2 Years.

    6} J.V…….SMH…he will redeem himself in the playoffs in the bright lights when it really counts and all the slappies will say they have been behind him the entire season.

    7} Don’t care GO BLUE!!!

    8} I am once again drinking the Lions Kool-Aid….hopefully at the end of the season I won’t be repeating myself like every year “Wait till Next Year”.

    9} Why are we even talking about Coke…gimme a Pepsi and Im good.

    10) Nobody has paid attention to Detroit Nationally since the Bad Boys.



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