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Wolverines flex muscles on bad weekend to be a Chippewas

Written By: Terry Foster | September 2, 2013

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Everything is great at the University of Michigan now. The Wolverines treated their fans to a leisurely 59-9 victory over Central Michigan over the weekend and is now preparing for an early season showdown with Notre Dame. You got to laugh and cheer. Unfortunately you got to laugh more than cheer.

From my stand point it is an embarrassment. I attended CMU and there is no way my team was supposed to beat Michigan. All I ask is that the team be competitive and it was not. I do not know what is more embarrassing, losing to Michigan by 50 points or getting thrashed by Michigan State, 41-7 last season.

So we play the big brothers of the state and lose 91-16? That is unacceptable.

The only way this isn’t a total farce is if Brady Hoke has actually turned Michigan back into a national power and it goes on to win the Big Ten and beat up on Ohio State.

** I was away for a soccer tournament in Chicago and could feel the frustration oozing from the pores of brother-in-law Sparty Big Ralph. He watched every second of Michigan State’s 26-13 victory over Western Michigan and he detailed the game so much that I felt as if I watched every moment.

The offensive offense offended him. The studs on defense gave him hope.

Michigan State had an entire offseason to make the offense better and failed. The same problems that plagued the team last season are there. Bad quarterbacks are throwing to receivers with bad hands. That is a lethal combination.

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