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The first college football weekend is here

Written By: Terry Foster | August 30, 2013

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Enjoy an extra bratwurst for me.

Scream a little louder for your favorite school and wear your school colors proudly. I will miss the first weekend of college football in the state of Michigan because of a soccer trip with my daughter to Chicago.

However, the opening weekend of college football is special. You see old friends and walk the campus for the first time in months. You get to enjoy a great day outdoors with thousands of like-minded people. And you get to see if your school is all hype or filled with hope.’

I attended Central Michigan University and I did not want to attend the Michigan-CMU game to see this huge upset. I simply wanted to see my old school compete and give it the old college try. I wanted to see if there were signs of hope in a program that has not been as top-notch as in years past.

And I will admit it. I simply wanted to have some fun. College football is not simply about the game. It is about pageantry and being a kid again. Michigan has one of the great atmospheres in college football although it is a little more fun in late September as the leaves change than it is in late August.

Enjoy. I wish I was there with you.



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