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Did beer cause Lions guy to make bold predictions?

Written By: Terry Foster | August 29, 2013

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I never expected to find Lions guy sitting at the bar during my visit to Foster’s Smokehouse Wednesday night.

But there he was pounding beers and talking about how great the Detroit Lions are going to be. He was in rare form, dogging the rest of the NFL, and entertaining the bar with predictions of an 11-win season, at least one playoff win and sending the city into a frenzy.

We laughed at his bravado.

“Who can stop them,” he pleaded to the chuckling bar.

I told him the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers were pretty good. He countered that the Bears defense is old and that the Packers lost their motivation. I mentioned that San Francisco 49ers as being a pretty good team.

He said the Niners had no quarterback.


But didn’t Colin Kaepernick lead the team to the Super Bowl?

“Yeah but they lost and he is a rookie,” he said. “Besides the Lions are going to pick up a couple great players before the season begins. A linebacker and corner back. You just wait and see.”

I’ve run into a guy like this through out my career in journalism. They always pop up in the summer talking brash talk about the Lions. And when December rolls around you can never find this guy. He goes into hiding.

The man finally paid his bill and I wished him luck.

“You know I must have been drinking too much to say so many good things about the Lions,” he grumbled as he left.

I agree.

(Foster’s Smokehouse and Southern Comfort is hosting a Fantasy Football Party Friday night. There will be Soco specials. Foster’s is located in Fraser on 14 Mile and Utica Road.)

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