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Sweet painted lady

Written By: Terry Foster | June 25, 2011

Filed Under: Life, tattoos

She was beautiful. She was a bartender at the Post in Auburn Hills and had a nice body, reddish hair and a smile that fills a room.

She also had a sleeve of tattoos on her arm and more on the rest of her body including two ribbons on the back of her legs. Normally I am not into women with tattoos but for some reason this bartender pulled it off nicely. I would later find out her name is Sarah and she is one of the legends of Oakland County.

She is a great bartender and all the guys love her. I can see why they gather around the bar to order drinks.

She was a sweet painted lady.

I do not normally like ink all over the body. I do love the tramp stamp on the back and small tattoos on the wrist or ankle. Usually the tattoos have some type of meaning. It might be a child’s name or something to pay tribute to mom or grand pa.

There was one I saw the other day in Wal-Mart (surprise, surprise) where a woman had “I love myself” on the back of her leg. Does she really need to remind the world that she loves herself? And the silly thing about it is she cannot easily check out the tat to remind herself of how much she likes herself.

How do you like women with tatoos?

I am guessing she has a difficult time loving herself. That is why she put the tattoo on.

But she puts it on the back of her leg? Have you ever tried reading the back of your leg? It is not easy.

I am also assuming my wife Abs does not like tattoos. I took the kids to a festival a couple years ago and we got those temporary tattoos that lasts for two weeks. I got Celine a chain on her leg and Brandon a B on his arm. I got one too and told her they were permanent.

I don’t know how the kids kept a straight face for the 10 minutes she went off on me about messing up the kid’s bodies.

We finally told her and she laughed about it — two months later.


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One Response to “Sweet painted lady”

  1. Canada Dave Says:

    In my opinion the most important element is the canvas that the art is being painted on. Nothing is more beautiful then a perfectly toned body with some tasteful pieces of art strategically placed. Every straight guy can agree with me that it is like winning the lottery when they stumble upon a beautiful woman bending down to pick something up and out comes a ‘tramp stamp’ and little t-bar. Mmm mmm mmmm.
    On the flip side if the canvas is too big, loose, wrinkled, and/or bumpy, there is no way in hell a tattoo should be permitted. It almost makes me think that you should have to apply for a permit and go through a screening process before the ink is allowed to dry.

    That is my take, thanks for reading

    Canada Dave


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