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Urban Meyer: “Go away blue”

Written By: Terry Foster | August 24, 2013

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Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is very dangerous because he is going to win a lot of games for the Buckeyes.

But he is also a loser.

Meyer invites NFL scouts to watch his players practice because he is loaded with talent. These are men sent there to give these young men jobs. And that is a great thing. However, Meyer chastises coaches that wear blue shirts.

Ohio State hates Michigan. It is so bad there that they fly every Big Ten school flag on the horse shoe except Michigan. They even fly Notre Dame’s flag. Meyer has taken it so far that he bans guys from wearing blue.

I guess that means the Detroit Lions, New York Giants and New England Patriots cannot wear team shirts. Players make smart ass comments and ridicule and embarrass the scouts. It is childish and not very smart.

Think about it. What if you were in college and people came to see you work to possibly give you a job. You are going to make fun of them?

Michigan and Ohio State is one of the greatest rivalries in sports. But Meyer’s actions are just as silly as Michigan coach calling Ohio State “Ohio.”

So you cannot wear blue to Ohio State practices and to games. I guess that means no Ohio State fan, player or coach ever wears blue jeans.


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