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Phil Coke: Dead man walking

Written By: Terry Foster | August 21, 2013

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Usually after Tigers games there is a 10-minute cooling off period before the media is ushered into Manager Jim Leyland’s office and into the clubhouse.

It was different Tuesday night.

“It has been 14 minutes,” someone said looking at their watch.

We immediately knew what was going on. Somebody was getting whacked.

“Phil Coke is gone,” I said.

Finally, we were let in and Coke quickly passed us going the other way. Leyland made the announcement that he was being sent to Toledo to work on things. I actually felt sorry for Coke that night.

He came to the ball park, waited for his turn and then gives up a first pitch two-run double to Justin Morneau in the blink of an eye. Now Coke is 0-5 with an 5.00 ERA and the man some wanted to be closer is off the team for now.

He did not like the move but understood it. He couldn’t even answer questions about what he needed to work on because the man was so upset. But he stood there and answered the questions, like he usually does.

This is the man many wanted gone. I actually agree with the decision but watching the man struggle brings no joy to Mudville.

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One Response to “Phil Coke: Dead man walking”

  1. Michael Says:

    No shock here,Coke’s release point is completely out of sync. No pitch is never the same. Could be mental and can be repaired ONLY if Phil listens to the coaches.


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