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Gone in the blink of an eye: Thief ruins Detroit’s image

Written By: Terry Foster | August 17, 2013

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The woman was hysterical. It wasn’t fear that gripped her. It was anger.

She sat at an outdoor table about two blocks from Comerica Park following the Tigers game Friday night enjoying a late meal and drinks with her husband and another couple.

A cell phone lay on the table. A young kid briskly walked by and snapped it up and ran. The people couldn’t even react. He was there and he was gone in a flash. A cell phone can be replaced and they quickly had the service shut off.

What angered the woman is she brought friends who never come downtown. She wanted to show them that downtown wasn’t what you read about in the papers. It is a safe place to come, hang out and have a great time.

“I love the city,” she said. “I love coming down here and this really pisses me off.”

It is a small public relations hit. But I wonder if her friends will ever come downtown again. They tried to console her and thank her for a good evening.

I do not know why you steal a cell phone. I suppose thieves can find a way to sell parts or make the phone work in a foreign country. Whoever this young man was just didn’t steal a cell phone, he stole a tiny part of Detroit’s soul.


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