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Torii Hunter makes Prince Fielder off field issues news

Written By: Terry Foster | August 15, 2013

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Normally what goes on off the field is not news in the world of sports journalism.

The unwritten word in sports is we write and critique what happens on the field. That is fair game and athletes understand that. They do not like it when we write about their personal life.

The possible Prince Fielder divorce from his wife Chanel is fair game. Larry Brown Sports reported that Fielder filed for divorce in Orange County, Fla. Why does that matter to us?

It might explain why Fielder’s hitting has gone sour. It might explain why he is sometimes unfocused at the plate. In other words it might be affecting what he is doing between the lines. That is why it will be talked about and written about.

Of course Torii Hunter opened the can of worms when he said something was affecting Fielder during a radio interview. That opened up the investigation and got the ball rolling on this. Hunter said he was trying to defend a teammate from criticism. But I am not sure how happy I would be with Hunter if I were Fielder.

He opened up the curtains of his private life for the rest of us to peak in.

Maybe I am in the stone ages on all of this. The TMZ mentality has hit the sports world and it seems like everything is fair game, even if it doesn’t affect the bottom line on the field.

Fielder getting a divorce? Do you care?



5 Responses to “Torii Hunter makes Prince Fielder off field issues news”

  1. Fraser586 Says:

    No. I don’t care. No one should.


  2. polar135 Says:

    Not my issue to worry about. Sucks that you have your personal life out in the open just cause you play the game of baseball.


  3. Mike Says:

    I do not care as long as he is hitting home runs like he is paid to do. I do feel bad for the guy because anyone going through that situation has a lot on their minds but he needs to seperate the two and perform.


  4. chemiclord Says:

    Do I care? In the details of the divorce itself? No. Roughly half of all marriages end that way. Big deal.

    But it DOES give new perspective to an issue that fans (and media apparently not named Terry Foster) noticed. And that IS supposed to be your job.


  5. Matt Says:

    If it’s so much better, how did you end up on terry fosters blog?

    And no, I don’t care about Prince, or any other athletes off the field situations, but I do care whether or not our 200 million dollar clean up hitter is producing. Right now he is not, and that is definitely fair game to talk or write about, in the same way that if any other superstar who is expected to perform but does not.


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