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I did not lie. I did not get played. The Delmas-Scheffler story is true

Written By: Terry Foster | August 9, 2013

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I was livid Thursday night when the tweets questioning my integrity filtered onto the Internet.

I was a victim of Lions cover your ass theater after my story about the relationship of Louis Delmas and Tony Scheffler hit the Detroit News and became a national story. Delmas told me he used the word cracker when he talked to his friend Scheffler. He said Scheffler uses the N word toward Delmas in playful banter between friends.

Delmas was not joking. He was not pulling my leg. He was serious during a 20-minute conversation. And when I told Scheffler what Delmas said he never denied it. Instead we had a great conversation about prospective and about their relationship and why the two men use those words.

My anger came when Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson intimated that Delmas was joking. I called Nate up and basically told him don’t comment on a movie he did not see.

He said he was defending teammates and here is the key. Delmas did not tell him he was joking around with me. He told Burleson he and Scheffler joked around with each other. It was brotherly playful banter. No harm. No foul.

Burleson told me he felt bad about the tweets. He offered to come on the Valenti and Foster Show today after 2 pm. I know he will keep his word. My fear is that the Lions will  step in and tell him not to do the show.

My fingers are crossed.

I did not make this story up. I did not get played. I have been in this business for 32 years. I know when an athlete is joking around. And when they do joke around they usually end after 30 seconds.

I also know this. If an athlete says something and I say something else the majority of fans will side with an athlete. You root for these guys to succeed because their success makes you happy. My success does not bring smiles to Detroit fans.

If I made this story up I would lose my job at The Detroit News. I might lose my job at 971 FM The Ticket. I have a wife. I have two kids. I have a mortgage and I have my name out there. Do you really think I would risk it and make up a story?

Do you think I would make up quotes? This is not a sources said story. Both men are on the record. I talked to Scheffler for 10 minutes off the record before I interviewed him. I wanted him to know exactly what I knew and exactly what I was writing.

And I went overboard to paint both men in a good light in the column. This column was not so much about them but it was a chance to test society on a sensitive subject.

We had a much publicized incident with Free Press columnist Mitch Albom where he wrote a column saying he saw former Michigan State players Mateen Cleaves and Jason Richardson at a MSU tournament game wearing green and white. The story was not true. He wrote his column before the game happened assuming the two would keep their word to him and attend the game.

They did not.

Mitch kept his job because he is more valuable to the Free Press than I am to the News. I was told if I did the same thing I would be fired. And I believe my editors.

I have gotten so much support from a lot of you and I appreciate it. But there are a number of you hoping and praying that I made this stuff up so you can dance on my grave.

Sorry guys. You won’t get your wish.

I got the tape.




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12 Responses to “I did not lie. I did not get played. The Delmas-Scheffler story is true”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Some people have a sick obsession. Stalking is a crime, so is libel and so is defamation of character.


  2. Danny Says:

    I just don’t get what people have against you or why they would want to tarnish your reputation. These are the same people that listen to your show every single day, they call in, but yet they still hate. It’s amazing the world we live in. People always want to bash you and mike even though the two of you are more popular in Detroit than say bing or Orr. It sickens me that this is the world we live in. People hate because of the playfulness of the show so when you want to cover a serious topic, the readers can’t switch their mindset to playful sports talk to a sports related race topic that isn’t as light hearted. My advice to people is to grow up. Worry about yourselves. You won’t go very far in life trying to ruin others and one day it will catch up to you pathetic morons. And to Terry, keep on keeping on, you’re one hell of a guy.


  3. Jeff Says:

    You are the worst


  4. Fraser586 Says:

    Why would anyone think the story was fake? I had the EXACT same relationship with a guy I used to work with.


  5. David Rudolph Says:


    Solid story brother! Any of us who have spend time on a sports team or locker room know this kind of speech and relationship happen. You were shedding light on two athletes who are friends and how they interact with each other. To question your journalistic integrity was crazy. Like Kendrick says “Bitch don’t kill my vibe!” Great piece.



    • Terry Foster Says:

      Thank you David. I believe this column will change things for the better in a small way. These things happen not only in the locker room but in the work place too with close friends. That is reality.


  6. Lynn Says:

    What an unnecessary firestorm! How is their use of “c…” and “n…” different from when one woman teasingly, and usually in an envious or admiring way, calls her BFF a bitch. Totally acceptable in this use, but still not advisable to call your boss or the department store clerk the “B word”. Context is everything. It was a thoughtful and thought-provoking, serious piece, and I am sorry that you took heat for it.
    That said, I like it even better when guys use the word “brother/brotha” to convey the same warmth.


  7. JR Says:

    You should bring it up in the first place. Anything towards black people you play that race card every flicking time. A white person gets called a race word you don’t say nothing, but a black person gets called a race name you play that card.. Terry your nothing but a racist piglet


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Here is what I would do if I were do. You obviously did not read my column. If you did you would not have brought your ignorance to the blog. So here is what you need to do. Go to detnews.com and ready my column on Delmas and Scheffler and then tell me how racist I was. Please do that. If you do then you will change your tune.


  8. Greg Thrasher Says:

    Terry Foster for years has been the best sports journalist in Detroit both in print and over the air. I am glad Terry was the journalist who had the courage to write about this topic especially in our nation where ‘race’ remains a national concern given our ugly racial legacy in America.

    Greg Thrasher
    Plane Ideas
    Washington DC


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Thank you for the kind words. I just felt it was an important issue and we got good debate about it. Some people are so afraid of the issue. But I think we got some things accomplished.


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