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A round about way to drive

Written By: Terry Foster | June 24, 2011

Filed Under: driving


I almost get killed three to four times a day.

That is the number of times I approach a round a bout on my way to and from work. Those are the intersections where a combination of good drivers, bad drivers, blind drivers and old drivers are supposed to navigate and not turn it into a game of demolition derby. They scare the hell out of me.

They are designed to replace traffic lights and promote traffic flow. Some people know how to use them. Other people do not. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve nearly been broadsided by the person who does not look to his left and pulls into the round a bout.  I hate them. They are supposed to be safer so why do I feel as if I am taking my life in my hands when I approach.

I feel safer driving a Smart Car in a NASCAR race. At least death would be swift and relatively painless.

Here is what’s supposed to happen when you drive to a round about and here is what usually happens.

1. You are supposed to slow down as you approach.

What usually happens is a couple of clowns act like it is the beginning of the Indy 500 and they gun their engines trying to sync into a tiny sliver of traffic. Then there is the knucklehead on his cell phone who drives through it as if they are the only driver on the road.

2. You are supposed to yield to pedestrians.

What usually happens is anybody walking across the round about takes their life in their hands. Nobody walks through a round about. They run because they know they will become road kill if they don’t. Nobody looks for pedestrians because you’d have to be absolutely nuts to try something like this. I’d rather walk through a swamp filled with alligators than walk a round about.

3. You are supposed to wait patiently at the yield sign until you see a gap in traffic and then follow traffic.

What usually happens is some idiot guns the engine trying to beat you through the round about. What’s the hurry? I don’t know. I cannot tell you the number of times I see a hood headed for the passenger side of my car.

And here is another thing people don’t know. A non working traffic signal is supposed to act as a four way stop. I approached a blown out light the other day and the intersection looked like something from the Keystone Cops.

I actually have figured out the round about. I approach, close my eyes and cross my fingers and let God guide me through.


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6 Responses to “A round about way to drive”

  1. tommyz Says:

    I actually love them..Sick and tired of sitting at lights with major back ups..How many times have you seen major back ups at roundabouts?


  2. Bill Says:


    I haven’t driven on many round abouts in Michigan, but have gone through several in Dublin, OH and I never had a problem there. Are these round abouts new?? I think that it may take time for people to get used to using them, but when they do the traffic flows much better!


  3. D_Town Says:

    Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I hate those things.


  4. joe Says:

    some roundabouts are worse than others, a 1 lane roundabout is not as bad as 3 lane one i was in once


  5. Mark Says:

    Have you checked out that disastrous round-a-bout at M5 and Pontiac Tr? Take your life in your own hands every time you go through there…..


  6. John Says:

    Come to Brighton and try the double round a bout from hell! I ride my bike (pedals not motors) through it on my way to Island Lake and Kensington park and always cringe when entering!


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