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Elderly women still use bras as money clips and wallets

Written By: Terry Foster | July 26, 2013

Filed Under: Family, Life

I became a little nostalgic Thursday morning while waiting in line at Gratiot Central Market near downtown Detroit.

I bought a few items to grill for the family and waited behind two elderly women. Both reached into their bras to pull out money to play for their items. I got misty eyed. That is what my great grandmother did every time we went shopping.

Many old ladies I knew carried purses. They had shopping carts and they had coin purses. But they carried their money in their bras. I once asked my grand mother why she did it.

Her reply. “I’d love to see a robber go there and take my money.”

My grandmother kept everything in her bra. She had money, credit cards, identification and even used to put food up in there. I thought all women did this until later in life. It was good to see that tradition continue. Sometimes when she was in a hurry she’d accidently flip one of the girls out of the holster if you know what I mean.

But I wonder at what age women start putting money in their bra? I do not know any young women that do that. Do you?

When I saw it at Eastern Market I smiled to myself. The traditions of granny still live.

(Check out my new restaurant Foster’s Smokehouse in Fraser, which is located on 14 Mile and Utica. We will have fantasy football draft specials coming soon. And you are allowed to pay from your bra.)


4 Responses to “Elderly women still use bras as money clips and wallets”

  1. James Says:

    Your Killin me man, I’ve seen hot young chicks do this at the club, but not old ladies!


  2. Jeff Says:

    You are horrible, how you got to where you are at I will never understand.


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