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The sound of sports trumps the sound of music at Foster’s

Written By: Terry Foster | July 23, 2013

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I voted for Mario Impemba and Rod Allen.

The FSN Detroit broadcasters are not running for office, but they were part of our big meeting at Foster’s Smokehouse as we talked changes and alterations for our mid August grand opening. The debate is do you play music when the Tigers are on during dinner? Or do you put the broadcast over the loud speakers?

My vote was easy. In addition to being a Smokehouse, it is a sports bar. I am a guy that makes my living in sports and it was a no-brainer. I believe the broadcast should over rule music when the Lions, Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings and Michigan and Michigan State are on.

If the Bruins are playing the Penguins then play music.

Last night we played the Tigers broadcast as bar patrons drank beer and ate food. I thought it was too loud at first and we found a happy medium and people seemed happy with it.

I’ve been in bars that had to make tough decisions. They hired a band in advance to play a Friday night, but the Red Wings are playing a playoff game that night.

Many have made the right decision to pay the band for an easy evening. They can play shorter sets between periods and then let it rip afterwards. The problem is that ticks off people that came to dance.

Football games should always get priority. One problem is what do you do if Michigan and Michigan State are playing at the same time? For our area, the best choice is go blue. There are more Michigan fans in our area than State.

There are restaurant/sports bars that show games but do not air the broadcasts. We sports fans are not the only people around I guess.

But I got my vote. I picked sports over the sound of music.

(Foster’s Smokehouse opens at 11 am daily and is located on 14 Mile Road and Utica Road in Fraser. Go to Fostersbbq.com for a menu and location,)
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One Response to “The sound of sports trumps the sound of music at Foster’s”

  1. Jim Says:

    I’d have chosen sports over music. I hate it when you’re trying to watch the game and something goes down that needs explanation, like a weird play, penalty, or something but you can’t find out because the volume’s down while the guys calling the game are talking.

    Imagine watching the Lions at Chicago in 2010 when Calvin Johnson didn’t complete the process of the catch, and there’s no audio, and everyone’s up in arms because you don’t know what happened and some stupid Bieber song is playing.


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