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Give me dive bars over royalty

Written By: Terry Foster | June 23, 2011

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Three Nicks Taproom is a comfortable spot to hang

Who wants to meet the Royal Couple?
It will only cost $4,000 to get all dressed up and mingle with Prince William and Duchess Catherine at some swanky club in California. No thanks.
I would not go if it were free. And I’d turn down a meeting with them to hang in a dive bar. I love dive bars with cold beer, good burgers and fun people. I love regular bars where I can sit, talk and observe. I don’t need fancy. I like hanging with down home folks.
I like going places where you don’t have to pretend you are a big deal and I am often not in the mood for phony people. I like sitting next to the factory worker and the retired mechanic. I like getting crushes on the secretary out on the town wearing low tops and tiny shorts.

I’d rather hang with Roy and Ronda than Royalty.
I love my music loud some nights and soft on others.


I don’t mind when the bar stool makes a little noise and a few tiles are missing.
I am a strange mix. I am a little bit shy and a little bit social. It is a weird dynamic that seems to get me into a lot of conversations with strangers. Of course some folks know who I am and want to talk sports and about my radio show.
That gets me into a lot of conversations. I enjoy it.
I get that all the time. The difference is the guy in the fancy spot comes up and talks like you are long lost friends. The guy in the dive bar is apologetic when he approaches although he doesn’t have to be. Some of the places I go are downriver because they are down home folks.
Some of my less fancy places of choice are Three Nicks Taproom, The Oak and The Bronx. People are always surprised to see me which is fun. Nick who owns Three Nicks is a cool dude who keeps things lively and keeps things in line. I heard he even allows people to come watch Lions games while wearing their pajamas.
One of my downtown places is The Old Miami. It is a unique bar filled with couches and a huge outdoor area with fire pit, tiny waterfalls and places to watch the stars at night. It provides an odd mix of young people and older veterans. Honest John’s, The Post, Harrys of Detroit and The Well are a couple of my other favorite stops.
I don’t know if you classify all of these places as dive bars, but they are just places where you can relax in jeans and a T-shirt. You never know what is going to happen and you never know who you will meet.
But I do know this. I will meet regular people. And I like that.


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4 Responses to “Give me dive bars over royalty”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Yet you still work with Mike every day….


  2. Jay Says:

    I agree with you 100% on all your points. I have talked to you a couple times at a little dive bar in Waterford. That is one of my favorite places to hang. The beer is cheap, food is good and the crowd is real. Keep up the good work Terry. I enjoy your blog and your show !


  3. thelonewolf_17 Says:

    There is nothing like a dive bar. Best places to work and best places to visit. Nothing beats Jacobys before a game – Angela


  4. Ramon Says:

    Love The Oak. So many good beers and small enough you almost have to strike up a conversation with strangers.


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