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Lions need Matthew Stafford

Written By: Terry Foster | July 11, 2013

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford made national news by signing his three-year contract extension for $53 million.

Debates sparked all over the place. And the question is simple. Is Stafford worth an average salary of $15.3 million the next five years? It is a good question because when you look at Stafford’s win-lose record, the answer is no. Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb said as much during a recent interview on the NFL Network.

“It’s all about wins and losses,” McNabb said. “As a quarterback, I would take that contract just like (Dallas Cowboys) quarterback Tony Romo took his contract. But is he worth top five money? I would have to say no.”

I cannot argue with the man. The win-loss record is bad. Some of it is Stafford’s fault. Some of it is not. However, there is one question few debated. It is also a simple question for those of you who believe he did not deserve the money.

Do you trust the Lions moving forward if Stafford were not part of the equation? My answer is no.

The Lions have been chasing a franchise quarterback ever since Bobby Layne walked out the door six decades ago. They’ve failed over and over again. We’ve seen Eric Hipple, Andre Ware, Rodney Peete, Scott Mitchell and Jon Kitna. The list goes on and on and on.

If the Lions refused to extend Stafford and started the clock ticking on his departure I do not trust them to find the right replacement. The Lions extended Stafford because they believe he is their franchise quarterback and quite frankly they need him.

He is a good quarterback that is growing and improving. If the Lions are going to continue to grow they must continue to develop Stafford. They cannot afford to move in a different direction because they’ve failed so many times before.

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One Response to “Lions need Matthew Stafford”

  1. Jim Allen Says:

    I must say I hear a lot of the arguments about Stafford and they sound much like the arguments that were pro and con about Joey Harrington. “Some of it’s his fault, some of it isn’t.”

    Fact is, I don’t think Stafford is another Joey Harrington. I believe in Stafford. I believe if he wasn’t re-signed, he’d have hit the market and more than 20 teams would have offered him a contract. I do think he’ll be the best quarterback we’ve had since…Erik Kramer.

    I still say (20 years later) Kramer was the best QB between him, Rodney Peete, and Andre Ware. Not that he would have won us a Super Bowl, but I do think we’d have won at least another playoff game and maybe another NFC Central title.

    My hope is that Stafford takes us further.


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