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White people sightings make downtown more diverse

Written By: Terry Foster | July 9, 2013

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I grew up in Detroit. I remember downtown when it was a different time and a different place.

I now see something in downtown Detroit I have not seen since I was a kid. There are white people downtown — at night even when there is no game, no concert or no play. They are walking dogs and walking home from work. They are eating in restaurants and having a late night drink in bars.

You might laugh. You might not believe it. There are even white pan handlers who take the bus downtown asking for a few bucks for booze.  I went to a couple places in Midtown last week and was the only brother in the place for a few minutes.

I thought I was in Milford, not midtown.

There have always been white people downtown, even after white flight left the city half bare. But they were at Tiger Stadium, Comerica Park, Greek Block and Opera House. When the lights went out so did the whites.

It is a more diverse downtown and I like it. This city has been more about division than diversity the past few decades. I stay in my neighborhood. You stay in yours. I remember when white fright turned into white flight. Then blacks and A

But it is different now. Young people do not know about our nasty past and if they do know about it, they do not care. There is a new way of thinking in Detroit. Of course this is the part of our history people do not like to talk about and I will probably get in trouble from some of you for writing this.

But this is the reality of Detroit.

There are white people walking dogs at night in downtown Detroit. Tell me you saw this five years ago.


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  1. Jim Says:

    Are businesses staying open later than 5 pm?


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