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Stop in the name of love

Written By: Terry Foster | July 5, 2013

Filed Under: Life, Opinion

Big Boy was upset. He is a friend of mine from back in the day. We do not talk often but we meet now and then to catch up.

He has a new girlfriend and I actually got to meet her. Big Boy’s friends met her also and do not approve. And they told him so. They said she was not right for him and asked what was he thinking. I will admit the girl is a little ghetto and is not my cup of tea but I want to see the man happy.

If he loves her and she loves him back who am I to judge? I would never say anything negative about her to him unless I really believe she wanted to hurt him. That is not the case. She is simply a little loud and says stupid things sometimes.

Hell, I do the same thing. It is called sports talk radio.

But she is harmless. It has been a tough life for my friend Big Boy. He had a kid out of wedlock. He had a divorce and there were many years where he worked and did not have anybody in his life. He is getting older and wants somebody by his side.

Is he settling? Maybe. But she provides companionship, something he really needs. He does not need his friends ridiculing him for his choice.

Have you been in this spot? A friend introduces you to their companion and you wonder what he or she is thinking. How do you handle it? Do you wish them luck even though deep down you do not believe it will work? Or do you step in before too much damage is done?

I am choosing to keep my mouth and let it play out. I wish Big Boy’s other friends would do the same.

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One Response to “Stop in the name of love”

  1. Geddy Says:

    You won’t insult the girl or judge or tell your friend, but you have no problem BLOGGING about it? This blog post is awesome. What are you thinking?


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