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Social media threat postpones day at the St. Mary’s Fair

Written By: Terry Foster | May 26, 2013

Filed Under: Family, Life

We made plans to enjoy the St. Mary’s Fair Saturday evening. It is a ritual with the kids. This time it would be more fun.

Celine planned on meeting up with her friends. B had a group of boys he wanted to hang with. My job was to get them to the fair and hover in the back ground but not be too close. They are at the age where they want to enjoy one another and not be nagged by dad. I understand that. And I was going to bring a good book and listen to some music.

But that all changed. An Instagram message began to circulate among the kids. Celine’s friends cancelled. She then called me and told me about a gun threat against the fair. I told her she was nuts but before I could fully get the words out of my mouth B pulled up the message and showed me a photo filled with guns and ammunition.

The message said something was going to happen at the fair: “And we are not joking.”

The treat scared at least a dozen kids and I wonder how many others backed off. I do not know because my kids pleaded with me not to go. I was not buying this threat but in this world you just never know. The wackos that cause terror always seem to have something vile posted on Face book or other social media. So you just never know.

This officially was not an act of terror but it did terrorize my kids.

The kids said they wanted to go Sunday during the day so that is where I will be today while reading a book and staying out the way.




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4 Responses to “Social media threat postpones day at the St. Mary’s Fair”

  1. tommyz Says:

    Hopefully this was reported to the police..Stuff like this NEEDS to be reported..Fake or not


  2. EliE Says:

    It’s always some cowards or piece of trash that likes to make other people scared. I hope the police can trace that and put that “tough guy” in jail


  3. Chris Says:

    Ya know Terry, it’s probably a good thing you didn’t go. My wife and I took our two kids there lasted day and stayed all night. After dark it got pretty crazy. There were crowds of people running in different dirrections one 3 or 4 different occasions and at one point we thought we heard gun shots… I was talking to one of the guys who runs a game there and he said that there were two separate groups of teenagers fighting each other and that’s what all the commotion was about, but I have a feeling it was more than that. For about an hour there was an Oakland county helicopter flying around with its spot light looking for someone in the grounds… So yeah, I hope you enjoy yourself today and your kids have fun. It is a great place to go and spend time with the family. Hopefully nothing like that happens today. ,Chris


  4. Robin Says:

    My daughter was there last night & witnessed the violence & hysteria. She’s only 11. We’re done with that fair, which is sad because it could be a fun place to take a family.


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