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What happened to Hockey Town?

Written By: Terry Foster | May 17, 2013

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The waitress sat down and wrote me an email after her shift at work. It was entitled “What happened to Hockey Town?”

She has worked in a large bar and restaurant for the past 10 years. When there are big events involving Detroit teams she picks up an extra shift to make extra money. She’s done it when Michigan State basketball was hot. She fed hungry customers during Pistons and Tigers playoff games. She made a ton of money during the Red Wings playoff runs, even when the economy was shaky.

She did the same thing Wednesday night. She went in to make some extra money for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Western Conference semifinals between the Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks. It was not a good night for her. She was sent home after two hours and made $20 in tips.

This is not the first time I’ve heard this story. I talked to another bar owner and he sent wait staff home during the Red Wings game. He said that was unheard of around his place. But he said his bar was packed when Michigan made its run in the NCAA tournament. He is packed for Lion games and for Saturday afternoon college football.

I am not saying Hockey Town is dead but the vibe is not as electric as it was before. I will get to experience it first hand Saturday because my Tigers book signing at the Novi Tilted Kilt (noon-2 pm) coincides with the opening face off of Game 2 of the series in Chicago. Will there be an off crowd? I am curious to see.

There is just something different about this run. People are watching but not as much. People are excited but they are not as enthused as in past years. Mike Valenti and I have to beg people to call in about the Red Wings during the playoffs. This has never happened to us before.

Has anybody noticed? Or is it my imagination?

(Join me Saturday (noon-2pm) for a book signing and chat at the Novi Tilted Kilt in Fountain Walk. I will be selling and signing my book 100 Things Tiger Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die. Books are $15 each or two for $25.)



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2 Responses to “What happened to Hockey Town?”

  1. Brent Elliott Says:

    I am personally a big hockey and red wings fan, this run is not the same as most years for one simple reason, there are multiple teams that the wings cant beat in a seven game series. Chicago is one of them, I will watch of course but I do not have very high hopes that we stand a chance this round. At the end of the day if we are in a “rebuilding year”, it just goes to show how amazing the wings organization is, I’ll take the second round of the playoffs in a so called rebuilding season any day. We are two to three free agent signings away from another cup run next season.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      The Red Wings have done enough over the years to deserve our respect and following even during an off year. This is going to happen. You cannot contend every year. But it is 1-1 now and you never know what can happen.


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