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Big weekend for B

Written By: Terry Foster | May 11, 2013

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It was wonderful to hear screaming and excitement  in the house this morning.

It is a big day for B. He was honored the other day for his volunteer work with special needs kids and his name appeared in an online paper called  The West Bloomfield Patch.

“Really,?” he screamed while running down the steps to see his name. “Where is it? Where is it?”

The boy was really happy and it got me to thinking back to my days when I covered high school sports. Were kids as excited to see their names in the paper when I wrote about them?

The boy is on fire for another reason. Brandon scored a goal Friday night during a hotly contested game between the Force and Novi Jaguars during the first game of the Jags Tournament. The Force ended up winning 3-2 and it was obviously an important moment in the game. Everybody was excited because B rarely scores. He is our big stay at home defenseman. He is Larry Murphy with a little bit more speed.

He is not the star of the team but he knows his role. He knows not to let people get by him and when the ball is in front of his net he boots the ball as forcefully out of bounds as he can. But the coach had B push up on a play. He zoomed in on a rebound and put it in the net.

It was a big moment but we are more proud that B wants to help kids with special needs. That is rare because B is just 11 years old. He’s a good guy.



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