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Let’s meet for lunch at the Hygrade on Wednesday

Written By: Terry Foster | April 30, 2013

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Let’s meet for lunch at the Hygrade Deli Wednesday at noon for a sandwich and soup.

I am being serious. I want to have lunch with you Wednesday at noon for soup and a sandwich at the Hygrade Deli on Michigan Ave in Detroit. Here is what I plan to do. I am going to Comerica Park to talk to Tigers manager Jim Leyland and a few players. I am then going to drive to the Hygrade Deli, which is about a mile south of Slow’s on Michigan Avenue and sit at a table.

If nobody shows I am going to enjoy a quiet lunch alone and catch up on reading. If you show up then I want you to join me at my table. I am serious. Do not ask if you can join me. Just sit your ass down.

The Hygrade is owned by Stuart Litt and although he is a tall guy, he is one of the small guys who is not benefiting by Detroit’s economic turnaround downtown. He is out of arm’s reach of the great things Detroit’s power brokers are doing for downtown. He is in trouble and if business does not pick up then the Hygrade Deli might close. And that would be a shame because the food is good and Stuart is a good guy.

The dude just works hard. And his employees are hard working blue collar Detroit folks. They don’t drive fancy cars. They do not live in luxury. They simply need a job and they need to put food on the table for their families.  I want to help in any small way I can. I’ve taken my son B there and he loved it. I took my radio partner Mike Valenti there and he loved his sandwich.

Let me warn you. The Hygrade is not much to look at. It is a hard scrabbled place. I don’t care about that. The food is good. I’ve been pumping this place for a couple weeks ever since Nathan Skid wrote in his Crain’s Detroit Business blog that the Hygrade is in trouble. Last Saturday a group of people tried it out and hopefully they loved it.

I want you to join me for lunch and hopefully you will love the place too. Please tell your friends about it and return.

Let’s meet for lunch at the Hygrade Wednesday at noon. I am serious.

(My next book signing 100 Things Tiger Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die is Saturday (noon- 2pm) at Mallie’s in Southgate on North Line Road. Books are $15 each or two for $25.)

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  1. Asie Morris Says:

    I fully planned on being there, but I’m stuck in the hospital & won’t be out till Thursday. I’ll be there probably Friday, but next time you invite folks down I’ll be there.


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