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It is sick being a parent

Written By: Terry Foster | April 15, 2013

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Grand Rapids — My toes were numb and my fingers felt like somebody stomped on them. I stood in the rain, the snow and the sleet on a turf field outside of Grand Rapids. My face stung from the frozen rain that whipped into my face. But guess what? There was no other place I wanted to be.

Being a parent is part sickness. You want to support your children every step of the way even if it means standing in bad weather during a soccer tournament two hours from the comfort of your own home. My son B played with the Force U-11 boys soccer team and it advanced to the Finals before losing 1-0 to the Grand Rapids Crew.

Three of the four games were outside in the bad weather. Although parents joked about how bad things were I could tell every parent was glad they were there. These are our kids and we love them and we want them to know they’ve got support. At the end the Force lost a thrilling but disappointing game at the end. It was disappointing only because both teams had a chance to win.

They got the break. We did not.

Every year we go to the Novi Jaguars tournament on Mother’s Day weekend and it almost always rains. We walk off the field frozen like ice. But we go every year and enjoy ourselves. Like I said, being a parent is sick sometimes.

B walked off the field with snot running out of his nose and he was just as cold as me. We headed up for the award ceremony and I asked him if he was OK.

“Yeah,” he said. “Can we get some popcorn?”

“Yeah. No problem,” I said.

Everything was fine. My duties as a soccer parent were done for the weekend.


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