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Michigan loses to Louisville; Spartans jump for joy

Written By: Terry Foster | April 9, 2013

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The phone kept ringing all night. The calls were coming in from all over the country.

They were Michigan State fans calling my wife Queen Sparty.  First the calls were angry. But by the end of Monday’s National championship game between Michigan and Louisville the callers were filled with glee. The Wolverines lost to Louisville 82-76 in the Georgia Dome in a very exciting game. The Wolverines were gunning for their first NCAA title since 1989.

Now I understand the whole Spartan we hate Michigan machine that churns across the country. But I was stunned by the number of phone calls to Abs last night. They were from family and friends who were elated that Michigan failed to win last night. With the loss came protection for these people. They hung on to the fact that Michigan State remains the last team from the state and the Big Ten to win a national title. The Spartans did it in 2000 and Michigan in 1989.

If Michigan wins then the Wolverines would beat on their chest and be able to say that their coach John Beilein has as many national titles as Tom Izzo. That would make things uncomfortable for the Spartans. I get that. However, the glee and screams I heard from my wife and children was a little silly. I shook my head after the game. It got so loud in my house I thought we’d just won the Lottery.

I try to push the state of Michigan concept but I cannot win that battle in my own household. It is silly but I must live with it.


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