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Detroit to become a walking city again thanks to Dan Gilbert

Written By: Terry Foster | March 29, 2013

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A walking downtown Detroit? Count me in.

Dan Gilbert is trying to make it happen? He’s my man.

The Quicken Loans owner laid out a wonderful plan of grocery stores, bars and retail to business people Thursday and no one was more excited about it than me. Somebody needs to fix downtown because it is a disjointed, intimidating hodge podge that is poorly laid out simply because there are so many broken down areas in it. I’ve prayed that somebody would put this jig saw puzzle back together again and make it a walking downtown.

It used to be. I used to walk downtown as a child with my grandmother. It was the time of my life. And now I want to be able to walk downtown before my children become too old to want to walk downtown with me. It’s only happened twice and I took advantage to bring my son B downtown to walk and enjoy downtown with me. It happened during Super Bowl XL and during the Final Four when Michigan State basketball fans dominated the downtown scene.

There was connection and fun. And yes I know many of the bars and restaurants were temporary. They’d go away as soon as the crowds disappeared but it made downtown so much fun. The snow did not matter. The cold did not matter. We had a blast and I never wanted it to end. Here is my list of favorite walking cities.

New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C and San Antonio.

Detroit isn’t even the best walking city in Michigan. Grand Rapids heads that list.

I have not run into Gilbert in a long time. If I do I will go out of my way just to say thank you. It appears I am going to experience something special with my children. That is walking in downtown Detroit as it becomes a walking city again.


2 Responses to “Detroit to become a walking city again thanks to Dan Gilbert”

  1. Chris H. Says:

    Great article. I also think that Pittsburgh is a great walking city and Detroit could be very similar to it.


  2. Jan Bolton Says:

    Terry a least you have expierenced it. Many of us have just seen pictures or heard about it from our grandparents and parents. I as you do can only hope and pray that a man like Mr.Gilbert can bring all of our dreams to fruition. But the sad part is that the unprofessional, disjointed & corrupt city probaly will fight it at every turn lets hope they open their minds and hearts to Mr. Gilbert’s visions as well as the public’s craving for a better downtown are let alone Detroit.


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