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Family summer vacation is now drifting out to sea

Written By: Terry Foster | March 28, 2013

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The family vacation is stuck in the mud now and I need help.

I planned a six-day cruise for the summer because I thought it was different and the kids would love it. Then something strange happened on the way to the ship yard. The vacation turned into a ship wreck because Carnival decides to launch two doomed cruises. Then the family approached me and said they were scared to go.

And did I tell you both of my kids watched the movie The Titanic a million times?

After the first ship mishap I foolishly tried to sell them that these things only happen now and then. Now that Carnival spit out a bad one this won’t happen again. Well another ship hobbled to shore and now I was told to change plans before the final payment is due.

I thought of a trip to Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon and finish up in Las Vegas.  It is a fly-drive trip. Celine the soccer player now wants to be an actress and it might be fun to see Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I’ve been there a number of times and can give the family a great tour. The Grand Canyon is breath taking and my kids really enjoyed Yosemite a few summers ago.

And finally Las Vegas is not known for being kid friendly but there are a bunch of kid things to do and I think they’d just enjoy walking the strip for a day or two before heading back home. I checked on flights, activities and sights. I was about to make the switch.

Now my son B changed his mind. He wants to go on the cruise. Celine said she can go either way. Now I am stuck. Do I go on the cruise now or go to plan B?

I will flip a coin tonight and make a decision.



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One Response to “Family summer vacation is now drifting out to sea”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Go on the cruise Terry, I have been on 5 cruises in my lifetime and have never had any problem, I travel solo and everything has been great, last summer I took a wonderful cruise to Alaska and this year took a Mediterrain Cruise, It is so relaxing and tons of things for kids and adults to do


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