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Sex does not sell in a taxi

Written By: Terry Foster | March 27, 2013

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Opening Day is next week and a number of us will take taxi cabs around downtown.

Last week I was in Las Vegas on my way to The Mirage in the back of a taxi when the driver was arguing with a driver who was shorted 50 cents by a customer. My driver was a cab supervisor and he spoke with a driver who refused to leave a hotel until he collected his money.

“Here is what I would do if I were you,” my driver said. “Just leave. There is money to be made all weekend. You are wasting your time. You could have had another fare by now.”

He hung up the phone and shook his head. This was the opening weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament and Vegas was filled with fans going back and forth to hotels. There  were waits of up to 30 minutes to catch a taxi at top flight hotels. Guys swooped in with town cars and limos to take people around. I asked my driver who is most likely to skip out on a fare.

“You won’t believe it but it is women,” he said. “It is the young girls with the short skirts who are all dolled up. They are the ones who don’t want to pay.”

He said they put on short skirts, tease their hair and get in cabs and flirt. They talk to drivers and afterwards don’t think they need to pay.

“Yeah they try to get out of paying,” my driver said. “They are all friendly and stuff and then they think they don’t have to pay. But I tell them that flirting with me does not pay the bills.”

We both laughed. He told me that 99 percent of customers were cool and just want to get to their destination and have a good time. I assured him I was part of that 99 percent and would not stiff him out of 50 cents. I also was not wearing a skirt so I figured flirting was out also. I simply paid my bill and went about my business. I see young women flirting with bartenders, trying to get free drinks.

And they get mad when their plot does not work. I guess my philosophy in life is if you do not want to pay, then stay home and watch television.



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