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The best pancakes in the world

Written By: Terry Foster | March 25, 2013

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Las Vegas — I was told the best pancakes in the world are at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino downtown at Du-Pars restaurant. Esquire Magazine said these were the best in the land so I needed to try them before skipping down. I got the Las Vegas stack which was impossible for me to eat. These were three of the largest pancakes I’ve ever seen.

These pancakes were bad ass.  They had just a little crunch, were soft on the inside and they were golden brown as if they were in a commercial. Do you know how every sandwich looks perfect in television commercial? This is what these babies looked like. On the walk there from the D Casino I noticed homeless people begging for food.

So I said one of these people is going to be treated to the best pancakes in the world,

I approached an elder woman who was filthy. She had cuts on her face, wore awful looking clothes and I smelled stench as I got close. I was just about to hand her the best pancakes in the world when she launched into this profanity-laced tirade.

“You bleeping scum. I hope you bleeping die. I want to grab you by the face and make you eat the garbage off the street you bleep.”

I really believed if I handed her the box I would be wearing the best pancakes in the world. I thought about it later. She probably had mental problems and I should have given her the stack any way and taken my chances. A few minutes later a guy was poking through trash cans looking for something to eat. He had a long dusty beard and he was dirtier than my girl who cussed me out.

“Are you hungry,” I asked.

“I sure am,” he said.

“Well sir I have the best pancakes in the world in this box. Enjoy.”

“Thank you very much kind sir.”

In a matter of two minutes the best pancakes in the world were gone.

I ask that if you go dinner and cannot finish it, box it and give it to a homeless person even if they are not the best pancakes in the world.




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2 Responses to “The best pancakes in the world”

  1. Babs Grieshaber Says:

    Isn’t it sad that the woman was so ill that she couldn’t enjoy the kindness that you were going to bestow upon her? A sad thing for sure. We’ve given to the homeless on the street before. We’ve even order full dinners as we ordered our dinner to go, taking it out to the homeless sitting on the church stoop…watching them as we eat.
    They enjoy their meals, We enjoy knowing that they at least have a meal.

    Fill your stomach, feed your heart…it does a body good, doesn’t it!!?

    Nice article, Terry.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Thank you Babs. You guys do a very kind thing also. I feel bad now about now giving the woman food. But she was so violent in the way she spoke I did not want to take any chances. You just never know with people. Besides right as this happened the police were arresting a guy


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