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Maybe I was too dark for this Vegas taxi driver

Written By: Terry Foster | March 24, 2013

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Las Vegas — I was in a good mood Saturday morning. I went to the carpool area of the D Las Vegas Casino to take a taxi to The Mirage Casino to do a Detroit News column on watching the NCAA tournament games from one of the large sports books.

A taxi just finished dropping off two passengers when I tapped on the window. He slowly rolled down the window and looked at me.

“Could you take me to the Mirage,” I asked.

I could tell that the guy was nervous. He said he could not pick me up at that spot that I had to walk over to the taxi stand. It seemed odd considering no one else was waiting there but I walked over to the taxi stand. Did I tell you that home team drove right by me and didn’t even look my way? I think I got a quick side glance as I think about it later. He did not burn rubber but he took off pretty briskly.

I was pissed. I’m thinking I do not want to give this ass my money any way. Do things like this still happen in 2013?

I walked around the block to a waiting taxi and the guy took me to the Mirage. Later I told my story to another taxi and he nodded his head. He said Las Vegas still has some taxi drivers who are afraid to take black male and Hispanic customers. He said I probably would have been fine if I had a female with me or a white guy. Now I was really pissed. He said there are very few guys like that, less than two percent, but I found one of them.

This is not the first time this has happened. I’ve had New York taxi drives slow up and blow by me. I flew into Chicago’s Midway and went to the front of the taxi line.

“I don’t go to the South side,” the driver screamed frantically.

I got out of his cab, went to the next guy and he took me to the downtown Marriott. I did not want to give that guy my money. I told the story to the other taxi driver and he laughed.

Any way I am returning home. Vegas was a blast.  I just won $50 on video poker and am ready to see my family.

It was just this one incident that ticked me off and made me realize we still have a little ways to go.


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11 Responses to “Maybe I was too dark for this Vegas taxi driver”

  1. Larry Says:

    Unfortunately the world is full of A-holes. Hopefully one day they will all get whats coming to them.


  2. Joe Says:

    We have many many negative situations involving “Blacks”
    It’s human nature to begin to lose any trust with the “Blacks”, next you will call Jesse Jackson and march somewhere in Vegas, or maybe you will organize a traffic disobedience session with your homies, it’s time to take our country back, no more political correctness


  3. Eric Says:

    Maybe it was racism, or maybe he was just following the rules. I say that because its happened to me too in Las Vegas (I’m white). I’ve asked several taxi drivers for rides from the edge of the road or a parking lot and have been told they cannot pick me up from there, that I must go to a taxi stand for a cab. I obviously was not there and do not have a feel for the situation or the guys body language, but it may not have been what you thought. Maybe.


    • Don Wallace Says:

      Yes, he was just following the rules. Too bad when someone try’s to turn something into a racist issue when they don’t know all the facts.


      • Terry Foster Says:

        he did not follow the rules. The other taxi driver told me so. He told me to walk over to the taxi stand. I did. The dude finished his paper work and sped by me. He saw me standing there. I was within three feet of the car


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I know the Las Vegas taxi rules. They will not pick you up in the street. they can get a ticket. I was at a designated cab stand in front of a major hotel at the car port. I was the only one standing there. The dude just blew by me after I asked for a ride.


  4. Steve Says:

    I would be willing to bet that the driver was not born in the U.S. We aren’t perfect here but other countries do have a LONG way to go. But Eric is correct. You have to go to the line


  5. Don Wallace Says:

    Terry, I have lived here in Vegas for 20 years, and drove a cab for a couple months when I was in between jobs. Cab drivers operate under very strict rules from the LV Cab Authority. Drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers anywhere except designated pick up area, and if caught doing so they can be fined, so don’t judge someone for being racist when you don’t know the whole story.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I was in a designated area. I stood in the taxi line. I was the only one in it. He drove within a few feet of me. He did not stop. I waved my hand. He blew by me. I don’t know how clear I have to be.


  6. Kevin Says:

    As a cab driver in Las Vegas I must say that most of he problems that we have with fares are from black people. Nearly every time a taxi is held up its a black doing it. Of course, most black people are good people, but why take the chance, the next fare is around the corner.


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