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I got knocked out in Vegas

Written By: Terry Foster | March 22, 2013

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Las Vegas — I have bad news today my friends. I do not know my name. Stop laughing. I am serious. I do not know my name.

Vegas got me last night. I feel like the missing brother in the movie The Hangover. But I sure had a blast last night and discovered some amazing news. One of the owners wives is the sister of an old friend. She is from Grosse Pointe and we talked for hours last night. We had one of those “damn it is a small world moments.” Her sister was one of those Grosse Pointe South preppy girls.

We were friends and I never thought of going beyond that. Her sister told me that her dad told the friend she should start dating me. He said the whole family liked me. I would have been Buffy or something like that. Can you imagine that?

Do you know how crazy it got? I almost got a tattoo. I am serious. I talked to the guy and was thinking of getting a notepad and microphone on my face. OK. Just kidding but I did want the tattoo on my arm. The notepad and microphone represents my career in journalism and radio. I still might do it but that might be a hard sell for momma at home. We shall see. I still have two days here. You never know what might happen.

The D Casino has been great hosts for the folks at 971 FM and the Valenti and Foster Show. I am not thrilled with losing $100 on video poker but stuff happens. We hung at the Long Bar and I met my old Grosse Pointe friend and we talked for hours. It would have been perfect but I was in the mood for Long Island Ice teas and those puppies are killing me today. And did I tell you I was solicited by a hooker?

She was looking for a night cap before going home and I didn’t even come close to saying yes. I turned into a worm boy and ran away.

Now I have no idea how I am going to do the show today. I know Mike is going to be mad at me cause my A game is somewhere at the Long Bar. But I will make it some how. Vegas is amazing.’

And did I tell you I got solicited by a hooker?

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