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Spartans are gone now the Wolverines are filling the D Casino Las Vegas

Written By: Terry Foster | March 21, 2013

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There are a bank of television sets in front of me.  Every game from start to end will broadcast on those sets from this morning to the end of the tournament. There is loud music, craps, blackjack, slot machines and happy people all around.

And if I want a sack of American Coney Islands all I have to do is text the magic number and the owner will bring them to me.

I am experiencing my first NCAA weekend in Las Vegas and it has been a blast. I cannot wait for the evening when things really get hopping. Now I see why people from all around the country come here. We are at the D Las Vegas Casino and a bunch of folks wearing Michigan and Michigan State gear have filled a 12th floor ballroom to see their teams play. The Spartan faithful left a few moments with smiles on their faces. Now the Wolverines are beginning to fill the place and they are filled with optimism before batting South Dakota State later this evening.

This is a bucket list experience and it will only get better. My only disappointment is I thought there would be more pretty women.  They must be on the Strip or are on one of those Spirit flights that were stuck at Metro Airport.

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  1. Don Wallace Says:

    You want to see the pretty women here go to the hotels on the south Strip, they are everywhere.


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