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Foster’s Famous Smokehouse Sports Bar coming to Fraser?

Written By: Terry Foster | February 23, 2013

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Some of you that live in Fraser have heard rumors of me buying the old Schmiddy’s bar and restaurant on 14 Mile and Utica.

That rumor is not true. There is no ownership change in the building. However, I’ve been approached by a group of people to turn the place into a smoke house, pizza place and sports bar. They want to name it Foster’s Famous Smoke House and Sports Bar. I don’t really own it but I get a percentage of sales for them to use my name and I will show up, hang out and have fun there and act like I own it.

It is scheduled to open in April.

I think I am going to do it. If I do not do it the ownership group is still going to open a barbecue joint there and I will still hang out there. But I am sort of involved now. I gave them some of my old family recipes who came up from Georgia and loved to smoke meats in the back yard. I gave them a couple of my mother’s side dish recipes and one from my great grandmother. My cousin Miss Boots has a sauce she loves, but the thing is so spicy I am not sure if it is safe. LOL  So it will have a Foster flavor to it.

It is a great opportunity and I am excited about it. A couple of cooks have already been hired. The floor is being gutted and the place will be remodeled. I am being consulted and will be involved in a lot of things. We’ve purchased some big smoker. It has some fancy name. I think it is the Ultra Modern Galaxy 5000 A5G smoke til you choke smoker. We will do briskets, pulled pork and chicken.

I also write a column begging people to eat in moderation so I am pushing for smoked turkey and we will definitely have salads on the menu. I also pushed for it not to become a night club at night. I want it to be more restaurant than sports bar and I want kids to be comfortable there. Plus the place is near the Fraser Police Department. I want to work with the men and women in blue, not be a nuisance.

The part I am looking forward to is tasting the food and being involved in the hiring process. So if you know of great bartenders, cooks and waiters and waitresses please let me know. I will keep you posted and tell you more about the interview process.

Foster’s Famous Smokehouse. It seems strange saying those words. But it looks like it is a go.


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7 Responses to “Foster’s Famous Smokehouse Sports Bar coming to Fraser?”

  1. tommyz Says:

    Good Luck T…I hope it brings success..I also hope they hire a Pitmaster and not a “cook”..There is a HUGE difference IMO..I know you want it to be kid friendly..But please,please,please have an official time that kids 21 and younger cannot be in the “bar” area..There is nothing worse than having kids in a bar at 10pm…

    Once again T, good luck…


    • Terry Foster Says:

      You are right. There is nothing worse than kids at the bar after 10. I would say 9. And the guy is a pit master. My bad. So he knows what he is talking about. We will have some test things coming up soon


  2. Sarah Kelley Says:

    I’m actually super excited for this restaurant to open.


  3. Shelly Says:

    Gutting and remodeling really! I though it was a pretty nice looking place to me! Also good luck In that Fraser town! It’s a bunch of low life cheap asses!


    • Debbie Pollock Says:

      I live in Fraser. Low life? Cheap asses? Not hardly. Very nice small community that it’s residents are proud to be a part of! I’m sure you’ll be there in THAT Fraser town, checking out the new Smokehouse Restaurant when it opens!


  4. Sarah Says:

    Does Fosters smokehouse have a website?


  5. Terry Foster Says:

    Stay tuned to my twitter at terryfoster971 and on this blog. I will announce when we are looking for employees.


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