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Michigan State punches hard. Michigan falls harder

Written By: Terry Foster | February 13, 2013

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Let me make a confession. I stopped watching the Michigan-Michigan State game.

That’s how ugly this game got as I watched with some of my buddies at the Ferndale Buffalo Wild Wings. If Michigan decided not to show up why should I give them the respect of watching. They got punked and skunked 75-52 team by a Spartan team that kicked sand in their faces and stole their women and dignity. It was as if the Spartans were guided by angels from the heavens and the Wolverines were grounded by five pound led boots.

Ground and pound. That probably describes best what the Spartans did. I was actually surprised the final was only by 23 points. I thought MSU won by 40. It probably could have if it really wanted to. The Spartans were mad and had the crowd and emotion on their side. You know they hear whispers about how great Michigan is and how coach John Beilein is about to snatch the final chair in this game of musical chairs.

But on this night the Wolverines had no fight. The Spartans were rowdy and mean.

On our radio show we asked who is the player from this game we will be talking about most. I picked Derrick Nix and you can make a case. The Wolverines have a soft underbelly and the usually soft guy from Detroit Pershing punished inside. He’s got some nifty moves when he wants to use them. We saw how dangerous he can be when stimulaed, motivated and agitated.

He was on such a roll that Nix walked up to Michigan’s best player Trey Burke and said he was soft. I know some might be offended but this is what happens in rivalries. You talk trash and in this case the Spartans wanted to remind Michigan that it ain’t all that and a bag of chips. It was a disappointing night for me because all I ask of Michigan State and Michigan is a great football game in the fall and two hotly contested games in the winter.

The football game was close and sloppy. The basketball game turned into slop because Michigan could not match the Spartans intensity.

Now it is time for the Spartans to glow and the Wolverines to get mad. They play again at Crisler at the beginning of March and if the Wolverines have any pride they will fight back. But did Nix who hit them with left and right hooks deliver the knockout blow to the Wolverines?

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