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Neighborhood ruined series: Best foot longs in town

Written By: Terry Foster | January 11, 2013

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Best Coney's in town

This place had the best foot long hot dogs in Detroit. It was an ice cream place on the corner of Epworth and Joy Road. It was a cute little place and what I loved about the building most was the vanilla ice cream cone with the smiley face.

He was cold and inviting on a warm summer day. This sight also had great banana splits in a boat. They would cut up a banana in half long side down and put it on either side of this yellow boat. Then they added three scoops of ice cream with pine apple, strawberry and chocolate toppings. I was not really fond of chocolate so they would give me an extra strawberry or butter scotch.


I don’t even know if the place had a name. But we’d walk the half mile to get delicious ice cream. Or one of the dads would drive us down there.

But the best thing about this place was the foot long hot dogs with chilly, mustard and onions. I could eat two of them sometimes because they were so delicious. But do you want to talk about messy? We were not allowed to eat them in the car. We had to eat them on the spot because the chilly spilled all over the place.

And your hands smelled like onions and chilly for two days. I loved the place.

But as you can tell the ice cream place is no longer there. It was burned many years ago and they cleared out this corner lot and it stands vacant. It is another of my ruined childhood memories. This is the neighborhood I grew up in and if you missed some of the other sights then scroll through my blog for some pretty pathetic urban blight.

We got burned out stores, houses and somebody even dumped their boats in my old neighborhood. It brings a team to my eyes every time I visit my cousin and friends.

And this vacant lot reminds me of the best foot longs that have disappeared


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  1. DonC Says:

    Just like the candy store by my grandpa’s place on Gratiot near 6 mile. I drive by a few times a year. Wonderful memories.


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