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Reader: I did not know Martin Mayhew was black

Written By: Terry Foster | January 4, 2013

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The man was not being flippant. He was not being a jerk. He was simply honest when he wrote to me that he did not know Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew was black.

The admission came during a twitter exchange. Of course it doesn’t matter of Mayhew is black or white. But the point is simple. Mayhew is one of the most reclusive front office people in sports. He is the hermit GM. People who know Mayhew say he is hard working, quiet and simply wants to do his job. That comes out crystal clear in the way he deals with the media.

They get about three or four cracks at Mayhew a year. He has his season-ending press meeting. You get him before and during the draft and maybe one more time in training camp. Other than that he is a shadow that disappears in the night. We all handle our business in different ways but I do believe coaches, key front office people and high profile players owe the public more.

This is a different era in public relations with the Internet, instant news and more opinions floating around.

People want to know about the thinking of teams they shell money out to see play. During Mayhew’s season-ending briefing only a select number of reporters were invited to attend. There were no cameras and he was not allowed to be recorded for radio and television. That’s a little odd and fans are owed more.

First of all Mayhew hardly says anything off the record. And if the idea was to have a fire side chat with reporters, then he should have had a session with television and radio so his words could be heard by the public. And then he could follow that up with the fire side chat with reporters.

That way everybody gets a little something. The twitter message I got was not the first time someone asked me what Mayhew looked like and what was he like as a person. He is a friendly enough guy. I simply wish he pushed his agenda more. I am not asking him to be like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones but he should promote himself and the team a little more.

The Lions get enough negative press. It would be smart of them to let people know Mayhew a little better and have him explain things more clearly and more openly with the public. The fans are so passionate about this team that they will stick with them through thick or thin.

They deserve a little more.



One Response to “Reader: I did not know Martin Mayhew was black”

  1. Ron Darlington Says:

    Fair enough Terry, however don’t you think your opinion of Mayhew may be tainted a little because you’re in the news business. As a fan I am more than a little filled up with fringe characters that think they are the show. Rock on Martin. Next time I see you, you will be holding the Lambardi or your bags as they show you to the door.


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