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Detroit’s passion about sports assures a great 2013

Written By: Terry Foster | January 1, 2013

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Outside of major health problems or my family telling me to go to hell, there is only one way my 2013 can be bad. And that is if people in the city of Detroit stop caring about sports and life and what goes on in their community. It can only be bad if they stop being passionate about life.

That is not likely to happen.

If you are in the Detroit sports media you’ve got a pretty good perch on life. You always have something to write and talk about because people care. I have a unique advantage. I write columns and features for The Detroit News. And I also do some Pistons game coverage. I do a radio show on 971 FM The Ticket on the Valenti and Foster Show (2-6 p.m.) and let’s not forget the appearances on the Fox 2 round table Sunday nights.

Although the newspaper business is suffering more people read me and my colleagues than ever before because of the Internet. And although Mike and I get emails on how bad our show it, it has been the top rated afternoon show for four years running. People read. People listen. People care.

That’s all you can ask for in this town. They care about the Lions even though they finished 4-12 and their future looks shaky. They are angry that they don’t get to see the Red Wings because of another NHL lockout. They enjoyed the Tigers run last summer even though it looked like it was not going to happen with two weeks remaining in the season. And they will care about the Pistons when that team starts winning again.

We’ve got Michigan and Michigan State hoops and football and other schools both big and small. I sometimes try to think about who has it as good as we do. I suppose New York although college football is an after thought.

Los Angeles could be when it gets an NFL team. The problem is people are not nearly as passionate about sports as we are. It is not even close. They got Hollywood to keep them entertained.
The detractors don’t even bother me. There are a handful of people who want to tell you that the only way I got my job was through affirmative action. It goes in one ear and out the other because I have yet to meet a black journalist who hasn’t been told the same thing. And that includes Mike Wilbon and some of the top journalists in the country.

I want to do this for as long as possible. I want to make you laugh, cry, shout and curse. And I guess I go back to the old sports opinion adage. Excuse me for offending you and pardon me if I don’t.


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