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Don’t ridicule Lion fans for cheering Johnson record

Written By: Terry Foster | December 24, 2012

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It is unfair to make fun of Lion fans for cheering Calvin Johnson’s record.

It does not mean that Lion fans are settling for bad football or do not care about winning. They stood and cheered history when Johnson’s single season receiving yards record against the Atlanta Falcons. It was not only the right approach. It was the only approach.

I mean what were fans supposed to do? Give him a golf clap?

By the way the Lions lost another football game and have lost seven straight games heading into the final game of the season Sunday at Ford Field against the Chicago Bears. CJ has 1,892 yards heading into that game. It is another likely loss because the Bears still have a shot at the playoffs and will need that game. Johnson is also likely to become the first receiver in history to amass 2,000 yards in a season. If that happens he deserves another standing ovation.

Once again. It is history. And he is one of your guys. Besides we are watching perhaps the greatest receiver of all time in his prime.

Johnson is right on the heals of Rice who many consider to be the best football player of all time. After six seasons Rice had 446 receptions for 7,866 yards, 79 touchdowns and averaged 17.6 yards per catch. Johnson has 483 receptions for 7,764 yards 54 touchdowns and averages 16.1 yards per catch. Johnson also has two of the top eight seasons in the history of wide receivers.

Rice and Johnson are neck and neck and this is not the only time we will have debates about the two. Back in the day we used to have heated debates about Barry Sanders and Emitt Smith and Jim Brown.

Johnson’s accomplishments should not be diminished but lets not forget that the Lions are a bad football team. In the future our debates should be about the playoffs and winning football games. There was a bit of irony in the Lions loss to the Falcons. Johnson had 225 yards on 11 catches but did not score a touchdown.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford passed for 443 yards without a touchdown. Some want to call them empty numbers and I won’t argue with you.

It just seems that Lion fans are forced to cheer for individual records rather than team records.




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