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You can compare parts of Detroit to Haiti

Written By: Terry Foster | December 13, 2012

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Actor Sean Penn compared Haiti to Detroit three years after an earth quake devastated the island and its capital city Port Au Prince. He said the crime rates in the two cities are similar. I have no evidence to dispute his claim. However, you can make comparisons to Detroit and Haiti.

I know this will anger some people because you just don’t pick on Detroit no matter how bad things are. But I am going to do something to show you how desperate Detroit is. I am going to my old neighbor and snap photos and post them on this blog. I hope to do it in the coming days and I want you to see where I grew up. I also want you to know this is not what I grew up in. This is what my neighborhood has developed into. I loved my neighborhood and even though some considered it a growing crime area, I felt safe.

I want to cry every time I go there.

I am very excited about what is happening downtown. I want a new stadium. I want a new Cobo. I want more restaurants, bars and places where we can gather and enjoy ourselves. When downtown grows we all win. But total victory won’t come until our neighborhoods are healed.

It is not total victory until families with small children want to move to Detroit and go to school in Detroit. Until then I might not like comments comparing Detroit to Haati or other third world countries. But I cannot fight people like Sean Penn.


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2 Responses to “You can compare parts of Detroit to Haiti”

  1. NFlion Says:

    I grew up in the Dexter/Davison area when the Jewish community began to move to Southfield. The area was beautiful with trees in front of every house, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. 10 years later it became a war zone (YBI, shootings, drugs). During that first ten years, it was safe, you could play outside late during the summer. There was block clubs, the swim and play-mobile would come during block parties. Everyone would cook bring food to the main area of the street. There was always basement parties that had little to no violence. You could even catch the bus downtown and go to Boblo island for the day, or to hang out at Edge-water Park, or go canoing at Belle isle.

    At some point people stop cutting the grass, painting fire hydrants, painting the bottom of trees and planting flowers which was the framework of the areas beauty. The city was not great at shoulving snow so folks would shouvle the street in front of there house. When sewer covers were clogged or backed up, citizens would go out and clean them. Children and the Elderly use to be protected, then they started killing and raping them both. Today, Monterey and Dexter looks like Haiti and other areas known for blight in the world.

    Later in life I was blessed to be able to travel around the world and see places that looked like home (Detroit), namely: Kingston Jamaica, Johannesburg SA, St Croix VI, Dominican Republic, and Columbo Sri Lanka to name a few.

    I go back to see the area and all I can do is shake my head. MLKs dream became a reality for so many but folks became sleeping giants while living the dream. To this day, I get mad when outsiders talk about Detroit but on the inside I get what there saying.


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