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Detroit Lions theme song: Bring in the clowns

Written By: Terry Foster | December 7, 2012

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The Lions officially turned from a bad football team into Romper room. And these walls will continue to crumble to the ground.

First you had an anonymous general manager dogging Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Now you have an anonymous teammate. What’s next? An anonymous Lions head coach? Of course we’d know who that is if that was to happen.

The Lions are 4-8 heading into Sunday night’s game at Green Bay and this team appears closer to doom than it does to rebounding. The Lions forgot about a very important edict. What goes on in the room stays in the room. There is bitterness and and no team work. There are guys playing for themselves and not playing for the team. The result are a bunch of close but no cigar games as the Lions meltdown under the heat of crunch time.

Coach Jim Schwartz has done the same thing. He threw that ill timed flag during the loss to Baltimore. And he gave a questionable remark about banned football player Titus Young when he said he was due to have surgery if Titus shows up. Schwartz cleaned it up the next day by saying he meant nothing by the remark but I am not buying that. He did nothing to dismiss the chuckles when the media laughed at his remarks.

Chime in the circus music please.

And speaking of Young, why haven’t the Lions released him? Maybe they are trying to get something for him in a trade. But he is such damaged goods, nobody wants to give up anything for Young. Center Dominic Raiola called him every four letter word in the book and told him to go away. Other players have said they’ve moved on from Young.

Do you remember the third and five call that gave the Indianapolis Colts one final chance to win? The Lions have run the ball 15 times on third down and gained six yards this season. Nice call guys.

Meanwhile injuries continue to mount and frustration grows in the dressing room. People continue to pile on Suh even when he doesn’t do anything. The Lions are a complete circus. The only thing missing is the clowns.


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