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Novi’s Tilted Kilt is Hooters on steroids

Written By: Terry Foster | December 5, 2012

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Before I get to one of the funniest stories I’ve ever seen in a sports bar I want to tell you about Novi’s greatest franchise. It is called the Tilted Kilt and it is one of the most amazing places on Earth. It is almost as great as Disney Land.

Let me see. How can I describe the Kilt? How about this? The Tilted Kilt is Hooters on steroids. The women are amazing. They are tall and short but here is what they have in common. They wear sexy kilts and cropped shirts that cover their breasts.

Sort of.

I met the manager and he told me there are also male bartenders. I asked if he was sure of that and he said “of course there is you just talked to one.” Trust me I did not notice.

You get an amazing view when you step into the Kilt. It is like going to the Grand Canyon. There are a lot of beautiful peaks all over the place.  I am going now because once everybody discovers the place I won’t be able to get in any more. You will go time and time again. It has everything a guy needs. There are beautiful women, good food, televisions tuned to sporting events and it is right off the freeway at the Fountain Walk Mall across from 12 Oaks Mall.

I almost called in sick from my radio show the other day. I stopped in for lunch and my bartender was so sexy I thought about just staying there and getting drunk all afternoon. But the sensible part of me checked in. I said I had to go to work. She told me not to go. My head turned foggy but I straightened up and left for work.


But I could not call into work complaining of a severe case of Jungle Fever.

Any way here is my funny story from the Kilt. I went to the grand opening and met a lot of nice people who listen to the show and bought me beers. I told them they did not have to do that  but they insisted and I was not in the mood to turn anybody down. Across the bar I noticed two nice looking women who got together to talk. But this guy was hovering all over them.

You could tell they did not want to talk to the guy but home team was running his game on them. When the guy turned away one of the women turned to her friend, formed her fingers like a hand gun and pointed it toward her head and said “poof” as if to say “get me out of here.”

I cracked up.

And that’s one more reason the Kilt is great. There is great comedy also.






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One Response to “Novi’s Tilted Kilt is Hooters on steroids”

  1. richard Says:

    I waited in line over 3 years to read this “peace,” Terry. What a hoot! (See what I did there, referring loosely to Tilted Kilt’s competition?) Did you “retire” from your honorary job at the Det News so you could write monologues for your new YouTube series, “Thinking About Playing Hooky with Terry Foster”? You paint a brilliant picture with your words, Terry! I can just see those two women across the bar shedding their clothes one article at a time, kissing and groping each other as they look your way, … just waiting for you to come over and finish them off, as you jizz over the bloody corpse of “Home Team” … what a sexy scene!!! God, you’re such a fucking narcissist.


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