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Stop screaming. Schwartz and Mayhew are safe with the Lions

Written By: Terry Foster | December 3, 2012

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It is hard to be civil in times like this. Lions nation is angry.

You want heads to roll. But let me give you a hard lesson on the Detroit Lions. People get second and third and fourth chances. You called for the head of coach Jim Schwartz. Some of you called for the head of General Manager Martin Mayhew. A number have asked me on twitter and face book if Schwartz is in trouble after another troubling loss, this time 35-33 to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday at Ford Field.

The answer is no. That is not how the Lions work. That is not how the Ford family rolls.

The Lions have won one playoff game since 1957. And do you know how many general managers they’ve had in that time? Mayhew is just the fourth. Russ Thomas and Chuck Schmidt stayed for decades. Matt Millen guided the Lions to one of the worst stretches in NFL and he got eight years.

Wayne Fontes got to stick around to become the winningest and losingest coach in Lions history.

Schwartz and Mayhew are safe, sound and snug. They dug the Lions out of the stench of Millen with a playoff appearance last season. That will buy they more times. I am certain that William Clay Ford Sr. simply views this as a bump in the road. He is willing to withstand a lot of bumbs in hopes of giving people time to find smooth pavement.

That is the way it works around here. That is the way it always works around here. They let Millen go through four coaches before realizing he was the problem.  I know you are all frustrated and some of you want change. You will demand it. But it is not coming.

You might get a change in coordinators. Another assistant might get broomed. Some players will go. But the top won’t change. The old timers who’ve followed the Lions know this. Some of the young guns think the Lions are run like other teams. They are not.

Look how long it took for them to fire Millen despite the screams and bad records.

The same will happen for Mayhew and Schwartz. That is the Ford w

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