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How can you be a lazy bum with two jobs?

Written By: Terry Foster | November 10, 2012

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I got to chill out Friday night. It felt so good to come home and do nothing. I’d worked myself into exhaustion and really needed an evening to chill.

It was my big date night with Celine and we watched Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and ate Chinese food. It felt good just to be home and have nothing to do. There are no football games to cover this weekend. I am completely off. It felt good.

I work hard for the money although I am not doing manual labor or carrying around 200 pound boxes. But I do work hard to take care of my family. I bring this up because one of the more annoying things I hear from the public that hates me is that I am lazy. I do not work hard at The Detroit News and I do not work hard at 971 FM.

The last person who accused me of this came during a week where I worked five shifts of radio, covered the Tiger World Series, covered a football game on the weekend and was finishing up chapters on a book I have coming out in the fall. And I still worked out to stay in shape. I often didn’t get to sleep until 2 in the morning and I dove in the bed when I finally got home.

So how do these people know I am lazy? They all have sources who tell me that I don’t do anything. Yeah that is the perfect way to keep a job.  To me it is a race thing. My critics are always white and angry and come up with reasons why I do not deserve my job. Nothing changes in life. When growing up on Detroit’s west side I had uncles and neighbors who worked like yard dogs.

They worked double shifts at Ford and General Motors. They came home and did repairs on the house and on weekends they worked on cars because they wanted to save money on major repairs. They were not on welfare. They did not want any handouts. But they were often accused at work of being lazy and trifling. A white woman called my Aunt Margo lazy once and she went off on this woman in downtown Detroit.

“I work my ass off you stupid bitch,” she screamed at the woman.

Aunt Margo was one of the hardest working women I knew. She’d divorced from her husband and she always told me “I don’t need no man to take care of me.”

Our great national divide is getting even bigger following the reelection of Barack Obama because conservatives are saying the people who turned out the vote — mostly Hispanics, blacks, young people and women — are looking for hand outs rather than  looking to work to help our country. It is code for being lazy.

Now do you see how things change in our country but they remain the same?




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  1. Kyle Says:

    The real story here is that Terry Foster works out.


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